Ultra-low latency network switch platform

On February 3, 2020, Cisco has announced its acquisition of Exablaze, a privately held, Australia-based designer and manufacturer of advanced network devices. Exablaze is now Nexus. This technology complements Cisco’s networking portfolio and plays a key role in the delivery of next-generation platforms for low-latency applications.

Cisco Nexus 3550 Series Deliver ultra-low latency switching and multiplexing functions

Cisco Nexus 3550 Series facilitate your mission-critical network applications delivering precision timestamping, and programmability.
- Nexus 3550-F modular architecture provides the flexibility to scale port and device features.
- The Nexus 3550-H are high-density layer 1 switches for date monitoring and distribution applications.

Cisco Nexus SmartNIC Cisco Nexus SmartNIC

Nexus Smart Network Interface Cards (SmartNICs) are next-generation FPGA-based ultra-low latency and high-resolution timestamping adapters. With Nexus SmartNICs, you can program your network and accelerate application offloads.
- Nexus X25 SmartNIC K3P-S delivers ultra-low latency 10GbE, 2x SFP28 ports, programmable FPGA and 25GbE ready.
- Nexus SmartNIC+ V5P delivers highly programmable FPGA, 2x QSFP28 ports, low profile, half-height, half-length form factor, Integrated IP and software libraries.

Cisco Exablaze Switches

Nexus X100 SmartNIC K3P-Q             Nexus 3550-F             Nexus X10 SmartNIC K35-S

x100 3550F x10

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