Cisco expands acquiring Exablaze

With its sixth acquisition in 2019, Cisco enlarges its network in the technology field acquiring Exablaze. Cisco’s new purchase is an Australian company which specialise in designing and building advanced networking gear based on Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs).

Who is Exablaze?
Exablaze was founded in 2013 and has offices in Sydney, New York, London and Shanghai. The company has a cutting-edge low latency network, layer 1 switching, timing and time synchronization technologies and low-latency FPGA expertise.
Why Exablaze?
Exablaze acquisition poses many advantages for Cisco:
- FPGA are high-performance devices and many companies often use them to facilitate customisable functions of specific programs and hardware acceleration
- Exablaze has users in financial trading, data centre, telecommunications, big data analytics and organisations, providing a global reach
- Cisco will work with Exablaze’s technology to develop new artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions
What's next?
Cisco has announced its intention to keep growing with further acquisitions in the optical interconnection field. It made its first acquisition in this sector last year with the purchase of Acacia Communications, but Cisco doesn’t seem to want to stop here.

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