Exablaze: the acquisition which completed Cisco products portfolio

In our previous blog, we explained who is Exablaze and why last year Cisco proceed with this acquisition. Nowadays, Cisco is keeping working to smoothly integrate the Exablaze engineering team into the Cisco data centre organisation to help enterprises manage ultra-low latency transactions.

But what are the most interesting products that Exablaze brought in Cisco’s portfolio?

The most famous Exablaze solutions are Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)-powered NIC and ultra-low latency switches, which, thanks to Cisco’s global development, will address the needs of latency-sensitive applications not just in the high-frequency trading space but also in designing and monitoring options for new AI/ML cloud services, 5G telecommunications infrastructure, and defence applications.

Another interesting Exablaxe product is the ExaLINK HPT switch. The HPT switching and NIC products provide the ability to tap, aggregate, and monitor networks with 70ps precision timestamps and 32GB deep buffers. The ExaLINK Fusion HPT is built on the ExaLINK Fusion Layer 1 matrix switch platform and provides support for features such as tapping for logging, patching for failover, and packet counters and signal quality statistics for quality of service monitoring. Moreover, this innovative product has recently received an award from TradingTech Insight Awards–Europe 2020 for the Best Time-Stamping/Latency Measurement System.

Cisco, thanks to this acquisition, will cover a key role in the delivery of next-generation platforms for low-latency applications and Appcelerate, thanks to its partnership with Cisco and its long-lasting relationship with Exablaze, can help financial firms in this transition and supply them with Cisco last generation technologies.