Appcelerate have a broad compute portfolio that has been specifically designed to operate within a High Frequency Trading environment. These range from enterprise offerings from leading technology vendors, through to customised white box solutions and overclocked systems. We specialise in providing the right compute node for your specific application while ensuring agile and swift global deployment.

Enterprise Offerings
We have formed strong business partnerships with a number of leading technology vendors enabling us to offer best pricing. This coupled with an agile and fluid approach has enabled us to perform well within this business sector, establishing ourselves within the market and working with some major clients.. We can provide preconfiguration, labelling and the adding in of Network Interface Controllers.
Customised/ White Box Offerings
We can customise every stage of the build thanks to the nurturing of strong relationships with the leading whitebox vendors.

Fixed Bill of Materials – From component model numbers through to firmware revision.
Single SKU Ordering – Unique part numbers created for each different Stock Keeping Unit revision, associated to the Bill of Materials and/ or statement of work.
Bespoke Statement of Work – All products are built to a uniform specification, fully detailed to the cable assembly/ routing.
Pre-programming of FRU Information – These can be highlighted by external monitor tools i.e. component/ platform serial numbers/ model numbers.
Pre-Delivery – Rack deployment can be pre-planned due to the collection of Mac addresses/ serial numbers and other associated information.
Power Consumption – Figures are collected for each tested node.

We can also assist with the transition to new technologies when they become available. This is thanks to having early access to NDA information and physical product sampling across both Supermicro and Intel product sets.
Overclocked/ Customised Offerings
Our overclocked compute offerings are specifically designed to meet the needs of horse power hungry organisations, such as high frequency trading houses and real time scientific analysis. This is fully supported by global SLA’s to ensure reliability.

Managed Services